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Panhandle South Plains Fair In Lubbock, TX

The 2006 South Plains Fair is coming September 22 - September 30, 2006.
The Panhandle  South Plains Fair presents a wide range of businesses and services, in addition to exhibits and competitions.

Lubbock Texas Amusements And Family Fun


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The midway is provided by Reed Exposition, offering the best in thrill rides and family oriented games and attractions.

Children love the Petting Barnyard at the Panhandle South Plains Fair.

From cotton candy to cheese on a stick, from funnel cakes to turkey legs, from corn dogs to candied apples, you can find something for every taste.

Free Entertainment

Sinbad Diving Group

Rock - T The Robot

Sea Lion Splash

Hypnotist Ron Diamond

Bruiser The Dog

Funnyman Mark Sparks

T. Texas Terry - Western Show

Jimmy The Spoonman

Reed Exposition Midway

Hundreds of Vendors

From I-27 North or South, take Exit 4 East. The Fairgrounds are located on the northeast corner of Broadway and US-87.

An emergency first aid station will be maintained on the Fair Grounds throughout the fair.

No pass-out return checks will be issued to anyone.

Gate keepers will allow no person to enter the gate without exhibiting a pass or ticket.

The carnival opens at 1 p.m. weekdays and 11 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday, and operates until midnight Sunday through Thursday and 1 a.m. Friday and Saturday night.

Cars to be parked in designated lots and spaces. The Fair Association is not responsible in case of loss by fire or theft.

Police and security guards will be on duty daily during the fair. The Fair Association will not guarantee that loss of property will not occur.


SCHOOL DAYS: Monday (September 25), Tuesday (September 26)
All children under 18 admitted free!

SENIOR CITIZEN DAY: Tuesday (September 26)
All over 60 years of age admitted free.


1. The Board of Directors reserves the right to postpone or extend the date of this
Exposition; to make any changes in the premium list they may deem necessary for the
best interest of the Exposition; to interpret all rules and regulations; and to add to these
rules, and settle all questions and differences in regard thereto.

2. The Panhandle South Plains Fair Association reserves the right to
pay printed premiums in ratio to net earnings. The Association hopes to pay all
premiums in full this year; however, as premiums and all other expenses must
be paid from gate and other receipts made from the operation of the Fair itself,
this condition is made to put exhibitors on due and legal notice.

3. Any person violating the general or special rules as published in this premium
list will forfeit all privileges and premiums won.

4. The Panhandle South Plains Fair Association, its officers, and its employees
shall not in any way be held responsible for loss, damage or injury to articles, livestock
or person, while same is on the Fairgrounds. The Fair Association will take all reasonable
precautions to protect the property and exhibits of the concessionaires and
exhibitors – but will not be liable for, or make payment for any article, animal or property
lost, damaged or injured while on the Fairgrounds.

5. No claim or suit for injury to any person or property shall be asserted against
the Panhandle South Plains Fair Association, its officers or agents, by any person, firm
or corporation, or their agent, representatives, servants or employees having permits to
exhibit or occupy space on the Fairgrounds.

6. Any exhibit, stand, show or concession falsely entered shall, at the option of
the Manager, be removed from the Fairgrounds without any reason being assigned therefore
and the refunding of any money paid for such space will be left to the discretion of
the Board of Directors.

7. All entries shall be subject to the special rules of the department under which
they are entered. In case of conflict between general and special rules, the latter shall

8. All protests shall be passed on by the Board of Directors and must be made in
writing to the Manager, accompanied by an affidavit setting forth the grounds for
protesting, together with a deposit fee of fifty dollars which will be forfeited if the protest
is not sustained. Parties interested will be notified of the time and place for considering
the protest and will be given an opportunity to submit evidence.

9. No person will be permitted to distribute advertising matter on the
Fairgrounds, except from his or her place of business or exhibit space. The tacking of any
advertisements, bills, or posters other than within the space occupied by the exhibitor is
strictly forbidden. Civic, religious, and fraternal organizations are invited to rent booth
space under the same rules that apply to all exhibitors. Begging, soliciting, singing, or
public speaking is prohibited except from the exhibitors space rented expressly for that

10. Dogs will not be permitted on fairgrounds during the fair, except those providing
assistance to Americans with Disabilities.

11. Rules and Regulations of the Texas Animal Health Commission will apply to
all animals and fowl entered for exhibition at the Fair.

12. All livestock trailers, trucks, and other vehicles are required to park on the
outside parking lots. No parking will be allowed inside the Fairgrounds.

13. Exhibitors are asked to exercise extreme caution in the handling, transporting,
loading, and unloading of their exhibits while on the fairgrounds. Exhibitors are
responsible for the actions of their animals and can be held liable for the damages and
injuries caused by them.

14. Exhibitors must have owned all animals shown by them for at least 30 days
prior to the date of exhibition. Firms or partnerships who own animals entered must
have been in existence at least 30 days prior to the Fair opening and have written proof.

15. Exhibitors may bring their own feed, however, in order for the exhibits to be
presented in a more attractive manner, only a limited amount should be brought in at
any one time and this must be kept in the service alley. Grooming Chutes are not
allowed on the fairgrounds during the Junior Shows.

16. The Fair Association reserves the right to limit entries and no entry will be
accepted for exhibition for which provision is not made in this premium list. In the
Junior Shows, all pen and stall assignments will be made in the same manner
in which they were entered by CEA or AST, no county groups or club groups

17. All applications for entry of livestock must be made in writing on printed
forms, contained in their book or obtained from the Fair Office. Verbal notice of
entry will not be accepted.

18. An animal not up to the requirements of the premium list, as to pedigree and
registration, will be barred from competition.

19. Entry fees are non-returnable and refunds will not be made.

20. Judges will not award prizes to an unworthy exhibit. In cases where there is
only one exhibitor and no other competition, premium shall be awarded in accordance
with the merits of the item exhibited, which may be first, second, third, fourth, etc.

21. Where it is possible, awards will be made by the single judging system and, as
far as practical, judges of livestock will be chosen from among those recommended by the
various breeders’ associations.

22. The decision of the judges shall be final and no appeal will be considered
except in the case of a protest.

23. Premium ribbons will be awarded in accordance with the following — blue,
first; red, second; white, third; pink, fourth; yellow, fifth; etc.

24. Only first prize winning animals are eligible to compete for championship honors.
Only champion prize winning animals are eligible to compete for grand champion
(In Championship Classes, ‘‘Senior’’ designates cattle two years old and over;
‘‘Junior’’ under two years.)

25. Livestock may not be removed from the grounds early without a written
release from the Superintendent of the Department in which entered.

26. Photographs of champion and reserve champion winners in all Departments
are needed by the Fair Association. A Fair Photographer will be present.

27. HERDSMAN AWARD: $25.00 plus a banner will be awarded to the exhibitor
who maintains the most attractive exhibit and reflects the best all around cooperative
attitude in the Southwest Regional Open Southdown, Open Rambouillet Sheep, and the
Open Boer Goat Shows. $25.00 plus a Director’s chair will be awarded in the Dairy
Cattle Show.

28. JUNIOR SHOWMANSHIP AWARD: $25.00 plus a plaque will be awarded to
a Junior Exhibitor in the Junior Dairy, Junior Steer, and Junior Beef Heifer on the basis
of general appearance, skill, courtesy, and sportsmanship in the arena and the ability to
follow instructions.

Fair Park Coliseum

Merchants Building

Commercial Exhibit Buildings Buildings 1 & 2

Trade Mart

Private Dances

Paved Carnival Midway

Pigeon, Poultry & Rabbit Barn

Livestock Pavilion

Livestock Pavilion Horse Stalls

Swine Barn and Sales Arena

The Panhandle South Plains Fair is a non-profit, tax-exempt 501(c)5 organization which operates as a regional fair for the same purpose that all fairs and stock shows exist, which is, the promotion of Agriculture and Livestock Production, the support of Youth and Education, and to provide an entertainment medium for the people in our trade area. The Fair is a member of the Texas Association of Fairs and Expositions, International Association of Fairs and Expositions, and the Outdoor Amusement Business Association.


Main Office:
(806) 763-2833

(806) 763-0737

Livestock Pavilion:
(806) 762-9505

Swine Building:
(806) 763-4966



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Lubbock Hotels
Save Money on hotels in Lubbock. 

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  Lubbock Hotels
Save Money on hotels in Lubbock. 

Special Online Rates